“Sylvester, a hero in a t-shirt”, a story about nature and what we can do to protect it


The OvidiuRO Association and the European Commission Representation in Romania launched the project “Sylvester, a hero in a T-Shirt,” an initiative to promote environmental education.

The graphic story in verse, written by Carmen Tiderle and illustrated by Sorina Vazelina,  features Sylvester, a boy born in a village in Romania who has a mission as urgent as it is significant: to inspire thousands of children and adults to transform their corner of the village, town, and world into a better and greener place for themselves and future generations.

The pedagogy guide accompanying the book contains mainly interactive environmental education activities for children designed to help them develop positive environmental attitudes and behaviours from an early age.

The series of events marking the beginning of this pedagogical adventure included a reading workshop that took place on Friday, 9th of June, at the European Commission Representation headquarters in the presence of the Head of the European Commission Representation in Romania, Ramona Chiriac, attended by children and teachers from a kindergarten in Dâmbovița county.

The launch events included an online webinar on May 22, the International Day of Biodiversity, attended by more than 1000 teachers. Also, on May 29, the children present at the workshop learned the story of the walkie-talkie hero directly from the poet Carmen Tiderle through a video recording. Then, our science magician, Andreia Petcu, talked with the little ones about plants and animals in the book, guided the children in observing the leaves of the linden with a magnifying glass, and spoke to them about the life cycle of the linden tree.

Thousands of copies of “Sylvester, a hero in a T-Shirt” will be included in the Summer Package of the 2023 Șotron Summer Program and will reach children and teachers in socio-economically disadvantaged rural areas.

“Sylvester, hero in a T-shirt kept children breathless until the last pages and its reading sparked an explosion of questions and comments. The word gave us a hard time until Sebi remembered that it was a type of seed we had talked about a little while ago. What did the children propose? To put on our green T-shirts to join Sylvester’s team, to make our own walkie-talkies, to get on our bikes, and to repair, as much as we can, the damage done by adults who don’t love and respect nature,”

Dana Busuioc,