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Reading Day Website

On February 15, 2022, we celebrated the first National Reading Day. To mark this occasion, we created the website, where you can find the latest updates on the world of books, along with monthly ideas for activities that you can try out in your reading and nature islands.

100 Stories Catalog

The “100 de povești” online catalogue is a valuable resource that brings the stories we share in the reading and nature islands right to your fingertips. It not only offers updates on the latest editorial releases but also provides supplementary materials that can be helpful in the classroom. Join us in the joy of reading and dive into a world of captivating stories and engaging materials. Happy reading!

A new concept

Through the Culture Tree, we discover alongside children the personalities or concepts that have contributed to the development of national culture:

Mihai Eminescu, Ana Blandiana, Constantin Brâncuși, Maria Virginia Andreescu Haret, George Enescu, Cella Delavrancea, Nicolae Grigorescu, Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck, Emil Racoviță, Ana Aslan, The Art of the Blouse with Straw Collar – UNESCO.

Video Workshops

Training sessions focused on literacy, webinars dedicated to diversity education or ecological education, and meetings with writers, illustrators, translators, and publishers – all are available in video format on our YouTube page.


Join the 6,000 educators who have completed at least one of our asynchronous courses, "The Magic of Reading" and "Reading with Children"!

You’ll develop the skills to read books aloud in an engaging manner to a child or groups of children and learn how you can play a role in their development as readers and make a positive impact.


Choose stories with short texts, plenty of repetition, and colourful illustrations.


Discuss the cover with the little ones.


Keep the book open towards the children throughout the reading.


Read slowly and with intonation, allowing children to visualise what they are hearing.

To access the courses “The Magic of Reading” and “Reading with Children,” you must create a personal account on the OvidiuRO platform. Once you log in, click on the section dedicated to the program “Read Me 100 Stories!” and press the button [COURSE THE MAGIC OF READING]. You will be redirected to the page where you can find both courses.

Pedagogical Resources

A range of educational materials suitable for various activities, whether in groups, classrooms, or extracurriculars: games, models, maps, colouring sheets, wall charts, and much more await your discovery.
Monthly themed box for classroom activities.
An instrument that aids in structuring and retaining the stories read.

Virtual Library

Reading aloud to children is not just about building their vocabulary or honing their verbal skills – when you read aloud to those curious minds, you leave an indelible mark on how they see the world and how they experience life itself.

Silvestru, the T-shirt Hero

Meet Silvestru, a graphic novel hero with an extremely important mission: to inspire children all over the country to make a positive impact on the environment they live in.

“Silvestru, the T-Shirt Hero” is the result of a collaboration between the Representation of the European Commission, the OvidiuRO Association, and the Cu Alte Cuvinte Association, aimed at promoting environmental education in Romania.

The project contributes to the European Commission’s goal of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent, a goal of the European Green Deal.

Bulldozer Day

Written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Eric Rohmann, winner of the Caldecott Award, “Bulldozer Day” is an irresistible and humorous read with a delightful surprise ending.

Luna-Betiluna and Dora-Minodora in the Land of Pește-Mămăliga- Prăpădește

After a mischievous trout steals their favourite brooch, the two doll sisters embark on an aquatic adventure where they encounter a variety of playful water creatures: the crab Dănilă, the froglets Caraoac and Carachioi, and Pește-Mămăliga-Prăpădește, the ruler of the fish kingdom. A story written and illustrated by Anamaria Smigelschi.


We know how challenging it can be to discuss complex subjects with children. A great starting point for such conversations is storybooks, as they beautifully blend reality with fiction, offering a friendly and gentle way to grasp difficult topics.

The Cu Alte Cuvinte Association, our friends and partners, provides free access to a series of illustrated books and playful activity guides that enable children to explore the world with empathy and understanding.


Introducing NABU, the reading app designed for children aged 2 to 10 years old that works seamlessly in areas with weak internet connections. It’s simple to use and offers free access to a wide range of books written in multiple languages, carefully organized by reading fluency levels.

Psst… Join us as a NABU Ambassador and be a part of spreading the magic of stories to children all around the world!


The Noi Orizonturi Foundation offers a selection of free books for beginner readers, available in both Romanian and English.