A project to promote family reading for children aged 0–3 in vulnerable groups.

The first three years of a child's life hold extraordinary significance for their cognitive development. It's a time when neurons multiply and synaptic connections flourish, laying the foundation for future growth.

Never again will their minds be as receptive and adaptable as they are now. That’s why exposing children to positive learning experiences from birth can significantly shape their lifelong journey.

Unfortunately, educational disparities between impoverished and middle-income families are significant, starting early and persisting throughout their school years. To unlock their full potential, we must recognise the importance of this critical period and ensure that enriching experiences are provided right from the start.

The three main objectives of this program are:


Stimulating curiosity and imagination


Developing language and communication skills


Laying the foundations for reading


Online training

Online training sessions focused on literacy.

Our webinars, conducted by OvidiuRO trainers, are open to all who wish to volunteer and contribute to a positive change in their community.
The training sessions dive deep into the realm of literacy, exploring the art of reading aloud to young children, curating age-appropriate book selections, and uncovering the wonders of book-based activities. The webinars highlight the profound importance of books and reading from the earliest moments of life while also exploring various formats for reading activities.
Participants learn practical ways to read aloud to young children and gain insights into implementing reading activities through specific examples.

Educational Resources

After the training, each reading ambassador receives ten two-book bags to offer to kids from disadvantaged families.

Each bag contains two illustrated books suitable for children aged 0-3.

*The distribution of educational resources is based on participation in training sessions and the implementation of activities in the classroom/group.


Reading Workshops for children, parents, and grandparents

These workshops become vibrant hubs of shared knowledge, focusing on the joy of books, the art of reading, and interactive activities.

Reading ambassadors take centre stage, organising reading workshops for children, parents, and grandparents.
Parents and grandparents are encouraged to engage in daily reading with their kids and learn about the importance of reading from birth, even before birth, and the significance of early access to education.

Dedicated Facebook Group

A virtual space dedicated to the project, where reading ambassadors, parents, and grandparents can engage in discussions about why and how we read aloud to children. They can seek or offer advice, share experiences, and even post photos from reading workshops.
Results in 2022

children and their families


reading ambassadors



For some of the children we reached through the Two Books in a Bag project, it was the first time they saw a book. At first, they explored it as an object, almost like a toy, and then we ventured into its pages together. I was captivated by the enchantment that unfolded as each child interacted with the book. It creates a magical dimension every child should experience at home with their family.

Alexandrina Toader,
Senior Inspector, Department of Social Assistance, Balan City Hall Reading Ambassador, Harghita County


Thank you!

We are grateful to all those who have chosen to get involved and support our programs for providing quality early education access to children from vulnerable groups.

Kaufland România
The OvidiuRO Association, in partnership with Kaufland Romania, launched and piloted the project in 2019. Since then, over 57,300 kids have received their first age-appropriate illustrated books and embarked on the exciting journey of reading from an early age. Just as many parents and grandparents have also learned about the importance of books and reading aloud to children.
Reading Ambassadors
3,000 teachers, educators, childcare specialists, librarians, social workers, community health workers, healthcare mediators, and other professionals have become reading ambassadors in their communities. They have received a set of books, posters, and flyers highlighting the importance of reading.