Two Books in a Bag

“Two Books in a Bag ”offers parents in disadvantaged communities picture books to take home and read aloud with their children.

The pilot project funded by Kaufland and implemented in 2019, was designed to educate parents about the benefits of reading together with their children. Over 60 preschool teachers in Vrancea and Neamț counties participated in two training sessions and then organized reading sessions in their kindergartens for parents and toddlers. Each teacher received a trainer package and book kits for five families. As of February 2020, 300 families in 20 Romanian counties and the Republic of Moldova had participated. The success of the project among both teachers and parents has led OvidiuRo to start expanding the program nationally, in 2020.

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”Upon the second reading of the book ‘From Head to Toe’, the children had already begun to imitate the movements of the animals (…) The parents showed interest and openness during the meetings; the atmosphere was relaxing, pleasant, constructive. I definitely caused some changes in the relationship with the children. Thanks for the opportunity! ” Mariana Vrabie, preschool teacher, Bălan Kindergarten, Harghita