Two Books in a Bag

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The “Two Books In A Bag” project is dedicated to children aged 0-3, from disadvantaged communities, through which we encourage parents to read to the little ones and we aim to offer children, from birth, pleasant experiences with books, as a foundation for their education and further development.

Launched in 2019, the pilot project, funded by Kaufland Romania, was designed to inform parents from disadvantaged communities about the benefits of reading from birth with their little ones. 300 bags with two books were offered, with help from over 60 kindergarten teachers, in Vrancea and Neamț counties.

Following the success of the pilot project, the initiative was expanded in 2020, so that 10,000 bags were offered to children, and reading ambassadors organized reading sessions with children and their families. In 2021, we expanded the project to 17,000 children and their families.

For this year, 20,000 bags will reach children from disadvantaged backgrounds, the goal is to benefit from cognitive stimulation from a very young age. As in previous editions, the project is going to be implemented nationwide in the poorest rural and urban communities.