Unlocking the potential of children's socio-emotional skills with captivating illustrated books that embrace the diversity of the society we live in.

Discrimination is exceptionally complex, and children are often the most vulnerable to racism and social exclusion.

It is crucial to create an inclusive learning environment where children feel comfortable, regardless of their abilities, the language they speak at home, or the social status of their families.

Education for diversity entails embracing every child with open arms and cultivating a space that values and celebrates differences. Together, we can equip them with the social skills they need to face the world with self-assurance, insatiable curiosity, and boundless generosity.

This program has three primary objectives


Recognition, acceptance, and respect for diversity




Cultivating tolerance


Online training

Six online professional development sessions focusing on inclusive education

The webinars are conducted by education specialists, psychologists, teachers, and activists.
Each webinar revolves around a specific theme: socio-economic status, family, disabilities, gender stereotypes, and ethnic identity.
Each topic is approached through age-appropriate illustrated books.
Teachers learn how to seamlessly integrate these conversations into their interactions with young children, gaining practical advice on incorporating education for diversity into their classroom activities.

Educational Resources

– a set of illustrated books based on the webinar topics;

– a pedagogical guide with literacy and diversity education activities based on the books;

2023 Results

enrolled teachers


educational sets

"I had never thought of using the power of storytelling to address sensitive issues like gender disparities, ethnicity, family challenges, and more. While these topics were not taboo, my previous approach had mostly involved consoling children individually without providing them with examples that could foster a particular mindset and help them overcome the emotional burdens related to their circumstances."

Olivia Rada, a preschool teacher in Dolj County

Thank you!

We are grateful to all those who have chosen to get involved and support our programs for providing quality early education access to children from vulnerable groups.

Cu Alte Cuvinte Association

Stories for Diversity is an initiative led by the Cu Alte Cuvinte Association, with OvidiuRO joining as a partner in 2021.

In the first two editions of the project, over 1,500 teachers participated in the training sessions, and 600 of them received the educational set.

During the first edition, we also introduced the Game of Emotions, a series of 15 monthly workshops streamed live on Facebook. These sessions, conducted alongside psychologists, education specialists, and teachers, delved into various contexts and methods for the socio-emotional development of children during their first six years of life.


Vasile Brașovanu, teacher and educational consultant;
Laura Grunberg, university professor and children’s book author;
Andreea Chiru-Maga, psychologist and children’s book author;
Ruxandra Mateescu, founder of the Superheroes Among Us Association and activist for the rights of people with disabilities;
Loredana Mihaly, an expert inspector for Roma issues and activist;
Cristiana Boca, early education coordinator, Step by Step Center for Education and Professional Development Association;
Magda Matache, activist and professor at Harvard University;
Iulia Măndășescu, special education teacher at Special Primary School for the Deaf No. 1, Bucharest