Who Are We?

Together, we nurture future generations of readers!

We have journeyed across the entire country, effectively building a team of thousands, including teachers, school principals, inspectors, librarians, social workers, school mediators, and, most importantly, parents who are eager to provide their children with the opportunity for an educated future — a chance they may not have had themselves.

20 years of innovating education

Our Team

We firmly believe that every child, without exception, deserves the door to quality early education to be swung wide open, empowering them to carve their unique path in this vast world. With unwavering determination, we are more resolute than ever that, united in our sustained effort, we shall transform this dream into reality.

Board of Directors

Maria Gheorghiu

Co-founder and CEO, OvidiuRO Association

Leslie Hawke

Co-founder of OvidiuRO Association and founder of The Alex Fund

Codrin Scutaru

Vice President, OvidiuRO Association; Managing Director, Public Affairs Solutions

Irina Pogonaru-Georgescu

Founder & Creative Partner, The Edit.ro

Adela Vrînceanu Celebidachi

Director, Oblique Media & Sergiu Celibidache Foundation