A set of interventions that develop children's communication skills by enhancing the quality of their educational environment in both kindergarten and home settings

Once they reach school, many children from disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to keep up with the pace of teaching and lose interest in lessons, as well as their enthusiasm, self-assurance, and belief in their own potential.

Often, these kids face a developmental language gap that hinders their progress in the learning journey. We believe every child should have an equal chance at education, starting from the early years, and that’s why we intervene in kindergarten, prioritising communities where educational resources are scarce or nonexistent.

The Every Child Deserves a Story project’s interventions focus on the educational units outlined in the National Program for Reducing School Dropout Rates (PNRAS).




trained teachers



The three main objectives


Vocabulary enrichment


Improvement of language skills


Development of reading and writing foundations


Training sessions

Six engaging training sessions for teachers, both physical and online, focused on literacy.

Topics covered: fundamental literacy concepts, techniques for reading aloud to a child or a group of children, and creative ideas for integrated activities based on captivating books.
Participants learn how to read aloud to young children, how to engage in discussions based on the content of a book, and how to design integrated activities that make the most of the various books available.

Educational Resources

– carefully selected and age-adapted illustrated books

– educational materials


First Book

– children from the most vulnerable communities are offered an illustrated book

– the book is intended for home use, enabling children to read it with their families

The children were filled with joy upon receiving the books. They have learned to choose their favourite stories and delve into them alone or with their classmates. They eagerly ask for at least one story every day. Through the magic of reading, their vocabulary has expanded, their imagination has blossomed, their attention span has improved, and they communicate more easily.

a kindergarten teacher from a rural community in Olt County

Thank You!

We are grateful to all those who have chosen to get involved and support our programs for providing quality early education access to children from vulnerable groups.

UiPath Foundation

Thanks to the generous support of our strategic partner, UiPath Foundation, children from rural areas in the counties of Botoșani, Galați, Olt, and Vaslui have received over 24,000 illustrated books for family reading activities.

Alongside the books, teachers accessed pedagogical guides enriched with engaging worksheets and activity suggestions for pre- and post-reading. Moreover, kids have received homework sheets to continue learning with their parents.

County School Inspectorates

The County School Inspectorates in the targeted counties – Botoșani, Galați, Olt, and Vaslui – have played a pivotal role in implementing the project, mobilising local communities, and amplifying its impact.

In 2023, the Every Child Deserves a Story project is teaming up with the Iași County School Inspectorate. Teachers from this county participate in literacy-focused training sessions; 150 kindergarten groups receive packages of captivating books; all 58 local coordinators from eligible schools receive a set of three books; and approximately 1,000 children from the most economically challenged communities receive their very own First Book, nurturing the love for reading at home.