This project aims to inspire children to make a positive change in the natural environment through age-appropriate activities.

As we face pressing climate challenges, it becomes our responsibility to instil in the youngest hearts the significance of cherishing and safeguarding nature.

The curiosity typical of this age makes preschool years the ideal time to connect children with nature, shaping positive attitudes toward the environment that will later translate into eco-friendly behaviours.
Results 2022-2023

teachers trained in 22 sessions


STEAM sets



This program has three primary objectives:


Raising awareness of environmental issues


Shaping attitudes to protect the environment


Fostering ecological behaviour


Online training

Ten online training sessions for teachers, focusing on biodiversity knowledge.

Webinars are conducted by specialists in biodiversity and environmental protection.
Discussion topics include Romanian fauna and flora, biodiversity, ecosystems, environmental threats, and ways to prevent them.
Themes and experiments can be easily integrated into classroom activities.
Teachers gain valuable insight on how to sensitise children to environmental issues and how to drive positive change in their communities.

Educational Resources

– Educational material sets include fiction and non-fiction books, magnets, magnifying glasses, pipettes, etc.

– Maps depicting Romanian fauna and flora, for both classroom use and individual exploration by the children.

The project at the heart of nature offers a wealth of opportunities for teacher training and development, as well as rigorous activity design, meetings with specialists, a plethora of new ideas and valuable counselling for teachers. Following this beautiful project, we have gained invaluable information, captivated the curiosity of preschoolers, engaged parents, and fostered a community that is more aware of the richness of nature.

prof. Georgiana Gabriela Filimon

Thank you!

We are grateful to all those who have chosen to get involved and support our programs for providing quality early education access to children from vulnerable groups.

Raiffeisen Bank

With the generous support of Raiffeisen Bank, in September 2021, more than 3,000 educational institutions received two engaging illustrated books, “My Tree” and “Bruno,” perfectly suited for exploring biodiversity. Building on this success, in April 2022, over 1,000 teachers were provided with the STEAM set, which includes “Tom, the Ecologist” book, five types of wall charts, two monthly morning meeting calendars, an eco-habit board game, two magnifying glasses, 20 maps displaying Romanian fauna and flora, and 20 pipettes for scientific experiments.

“Majestic Romania” represents an expansion and continuation of the successful “Povești sub Lupă” project (“Stories under the Magnifying Glass”) that took place from 2018 to 2020. During that time, the project actively engaged 20,000 preschoolers in interdisciplinary STEAM activities thoughtfully organized by 3,500 teachers.

Learning by Teaching Association
With the motto “Everyone can teach,” the Learning by Teaching Association organizes, promotes, and conducts educational activities and projects to train young people and adults.
Other Collaborators

The project benefited from the expertise and support of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest (USAMV), the Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR), and the SNK Association.

Wild Romania – photography by Dan Dinu, calendar funded by Kaufland Romania