An educational module to empower children from underprivileged communities during the summer vacation.

It aims to provide children from disadvantaged communities with experiences of learning through play, exploration and collaboration.


While summer break is a time for fun and leisure.

It also offers an excellent opportunity for children to fortify their knowledge and embark on exciting new educational endeavours.

Without adequate support from families and communities, summer can become a void for intellectual growth for countless children. Without proper stimulation, the knowledge they acquired during the school year fades away, posing a formidable challenge when they return to the classroom and necessitating additional interventions to bridge the gaps.

Șotron Summer Workshops specifically targets children from vulnerable backgrounds and engages them in educational and recreational activities that shape their knowledge.

The three main goals of this program are


Socio-cognitive development


Psychomotor development


Deepening of academic knowledge

What are we doing?

Training sessions

Training sessions for teachers, both physical and online.

The training sessions come alive under the guidance of OvidiuRO trainers and guests. Each session buzzes with invaluable insights and expertise from literacy specialists to biodiversity experts, performing arts trainers, seasoned inspectors, and teachers. As teachers prepare for summer school, they are developing important skills to use throughout the school year.
The discussion topics revolve around essential pedagogical concepts, exploring concepts like playfulness, receptiveness, exemplification, revisiting, and the art of igniting a passion for learning.
Participants learn alternative teaching methods for basic concepts included in the preschool and primary school curriculum and how to adapt them to the unique needs of their communities.
What are we doing?

Educational Resources

– carefully selected and age-appropriate illustrated books;

– educational kits;

What are we doing?

Summer Workshops

The workshops are held daily for two weeks, taking place between July and August.

Each workshop lasts 3 hours and offers the flexibility to be organised either indoors or outdoors.

Indoors: teachers and volunteers collaborate to transform classrooms into well-ventilated, purposefully arranged spaces tailored to meet the unique learning needs of the children.

Outdoors: many thematic projects take place in nature.

On the first day, there is an introductory session where children and parents meet the team and learn about the workshop schedule.
Over the next ten consecutive days, the workshops engage children in various thematic activities, including exploration through play, reading, science, music, movement, and elements from Montessori pedagogy. This integrated approach helps children consolidate their knowledge effectively. The final day of the program is dedicated to the Șotron Gala, which serves as a joyful closing ceremony.
Results 2022

summer workshops in 40 counties







Around this age, the magic of learning unfolds through immersive experiences, where kids' curiosity sparks a voyage of discovery. Witnessing their sheer delight as they delve into the workshops, exploring the intricate web of cause and effect, interweaving objects and processes, is truly awe-inspiring. Each resource and every experiment fuels their excitement. For example, they were thrilled when they stumbled upon the enchanted world magnified by the looking glass.

Maria Bîia, preschool teacher, Lungani, Iași

Thank you!

We are grateful to all those who have chosen to get involved and support our programs for providing quality early education access to children from vulnerable groups.
Fildas Catena Group

With the support of Fildas Catena Group, over 4,500 illustrated books were distributed nationwide in 2022, along with educational materials such as geometry kits, rulers, graphic sets, interactive games about eco-habits, activity sheets, and hygiene kits.


With the help of Dedeman, in 2021, we donated 1,200 illustrated books to children and teachers in 15 counties (Alba, Brăila, Brașov, Cluj, Dâmbovița, Dolj, Harghita, Iași, Maramureș, Mureș, Olt, Prahova, Sibiu, Suceava, and Tulcea).


From 2012 to 2022, grants from GSK, Together for a Better Health, totalling €460,000, helped us distribute medicines, vitamins, fruits, and hygiene kits in over 400 disadvantaged communities.

Additionally, 36,000 children participated in personal hygiene or health education activities during the summer workshops, and 55,000 children, parents, and teachers participated in or attended hygiene lessons within the PHASE project (Personal Hygiene and Sanitary Education).

Over 1,000 volunteers from across the country support the summer workshops. Mixed teams of educators, librarians, mediators, specialised teachers, speech therapists, counsellors, and students work with groups of up to 10 children.