Every child's journey towards a brighter future is built upon quality early education and a kaleidoscope of diverse learning experiences that shape their path.

Many children face unjust barriers to learning, hindered by financial struggles, discrimination, the lack of educational resources, or underqualified teachers.

Too often, they bid farewell to school prematurely, missing out on the knowledge and skills that pave the way to success. In Romania, 15,6% of children are at high risk of dropping out by age 18. We firmly believe in the transformative power of education. We fight against functional illiteracy by nurturing the seeds of reading and writing in the first six years of life. Imagine a world where all young children, beginning in preschool, immerse themselves in captivating books and engage with other enthusiastic readers. As they embrace the joy of reading, their language abilities flourish, and their understanding of the world deepens.

Map of the reading islands

3290 educational units with Kindergarten-Library certification (including units involved in Every Child Deserves a Story) or with Eco-Library certification.