June has been a terrific month for 2-time Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke, who will be in Bucharest once again on June 26 for the premiere of Before Midnight.  The film opened to rave critical reviews in the U.S.  One reviewer went so far as to call it “the most important cinematic love story of all time.”

The Purge, also starring Hawke, was the top-grossing film in the US last weekend, beating out Fast & Furious 6 for first place at the box office.

When Ethan Hawke’s mother, Leslie Hawke, co-founder of the Romanian NGO OvidiuRo, was asked why she picked Before Midnight to premiere in Bucharest rather than The Purge, she answered, “Because I love it!   Before Midnight is a thinking person’s film.  And the Before trilogy is an absolutely unique 20 year cinematic experiment. Before we set up this benefit screening, the distributor wasn’t even planning to release Before Midnight in Romania.  Only the big blockbusters get released here these days.   If we had premiered The Purge instead of Before Midnight we could have sold out all the malls in no time flat.”

“But the point was to say thank you to the people who support our efforts to give poor children a better education.  Most of the people who support Fiecare Copil in Gradinita (OvidiuRo’s award winning program to provide early education to Romania’s poorest children) are smart, well-educated urban professionals – the kind of people who will love Before Midnight.  These people don’t usually go to the malls to see ‘action flicks’.  The reviewers are saying that Before Midnight is the only summer release for intelligent grown-ups,” Ms. Hawke added.  “I like the idea that I helped bring this kind of movie to Romania.”

Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater will personally answer audience questions following the screening of Before Midnight at Palatul Copiilor on June 26.

The event, dubbed, “Before It’s Too Late” is designed to remind people of the critical importance, especially for children from disadvantaged homes, of early intellectual development – before it is too late for them to succeed in school.

An After Party will follow the Q&A session with Hawke and Linklater.  Tickets to the film premiere, Q&A and After Party are €35 and support a poor child in kindergarten for a month (buy here).  To attend both the VIP Reception with Hawke and Linklater and the screening, tickets are €300 (and support a child in the program for a year).

OvidiuRo’s mission is to make quality early education available to every poor child in Romania – so they have a chance to become active members of society.

For details about the event contact oana.livadariu@ovid.ro, 0722715843 or visit www.ovid.ro.

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