July 2011

Over 3,000 children will be given wings to fly this summer,

at the “Sotron” summer workshops

“Childhood is a movement forward. Childhood is the age of wonder and curiosity. Childhood is propelling knowledge with the help of imagination.” Eniko Lupu, teacher, Araci, Covasna county.

In the summer of 2001, 20 children from Bacau, aged 3 through 12, were taking their first steps ever into a carefully prepared classroom: bells on the windows, shells and leaves, crayons and books – this was the first ”Sotron” summer workshop organized by OvidiuRo.

Since then, every summer, more and more children from a growing number of communities took part in the 10-day sessions of non-formal educational activities that helped them discover the joy of learning.

Ten years later, in 2011, over 3000 children and 300 teachers in 66 impoverished communities will take part in the 175 summer workshops organized in 81 schools and kindergartens all across Romania, in July and August.

The purpose of the “Sotron” workshops is to prepare children for kindergarten or school and to get them and their parents familiar with the educational environment. This means they’ll have a better chance at integrating into the educational system.

During the workshops, we use educational methods and interactive resources to stimulate thinking, curiosity and the pleasure to discover, helping children to acquire the knowledge they need to cope with the formal education system. This way, the educational gap is closed and the chances of early abandonment drop.

So, for children, the “Sotron” summer workshops are a journey for children to explore the world – nature, numbers, letters – starting from familiar objects and on to the stars far away, discovering diversity and uniqueness.

“My job is to give children wings to fly every day. The wings we give cannot be seen, but they can be felt and they grow into different shapes each day.” Aurelian Ignat, Buhusi, Bacau county.

OvidiuRo’s education specialists train teachers in organizing the summer workshops: the importance of the learning space, developing multiple intelligences, building self-confidence and self-esteem, creatively using educational resources etc.

“A child’s young soul is like a bird waiting to fly. This flight cannot be restricted. Once a child is disadvantaged, his flight is compromised.” Christa Dengel, teacher, Altina, Sibiu county.

The summer workshops are meant for all the children, but they are especially important for those coming from impoverished families. The activities are adapted to age groups, from kindergartners (3-6 years) to eighth graders (14 years).

“We need people to support us, and when those asking for help are children, we have to unite our forces even more to help them.” Daniela Carausu, Balan, Harghita county.

OvidiuRo’s mission is to get every poor child in Romania into the education system between age 3 and 6, so they have a chance of becoming active members of society.

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