OvidiuRo has launched “Povesti sub Lupa”, a project supported by Raiffeisen Bank that is building infrastructure for literacy & science in poor rural communities by equipping 50 kindergarten classrooms with Reading & Science Corners, while creating a network of 50 master teachers working with poor children. Besides a rich experience in kindergarten, the project also provides 1000 children their own books to take home, and engages their parents in kindergarten activities.

The project was launched in March, 2018, when 10 pilot-kindergartens were equipped with Reading & Science Corners. Forty more kindergarten classes will be equipped at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. Each child will receive, for three months, the “book of the month” – his/her own picture book to take home.

Povesti sub Lupa” provides, for 1000 children in 50 kindergartens in poor areas, educational kits consisting in a child-friendly bookcase, a carpet for reading together sessions, 20 picture books (fiction and non-fiction books) and many other quality educational materials.

The pilot-communities where the 10 corners were created in March and April were in Alba, Brasov, Dambovita, Dolj, Iasi, Maramures, Prahova, Sibiu si Vaslui counties. 40 more Reading and Science corners will be created in August and September, in other disadvantaged communities along the country.

OvidiuRo also launched insuladenisip.ro on-line community, where preschool teachers all over the country (especially those working with disadvantaged children in poor areas) are invited to share experiences and educational practices that encourage child centered teaching methods, with focus on literacy development. We uploaded a short animation about insuladenisp.ro HERE.

The project comes as a result of our findings in the field, along the years: as part of our effort to facilitate the implementation of Law #248/2015, the OvR team visited 500 rural kindergartens in 38 counties. We were struck that, even though most of the school buildings had been renovated or replaced, the classrooms were mostly devoid of age-appropriate learning materials and the teachers rarely took advantage of the many simple activities about the physical world around them that could be utilized through picture books and science experiments.

About Asociatia OvidiuRo

The effectiveness of OvidiuRo’s Fiecare Copil in Gradinita pilot project led the Romanian Parliament to finance its parent incentive component throughout Romania in February 2016.
As the Agency for Early Education, OvidiuRo mobilizes public and private resources to improve the quality of early education available to Romania’s poorest children. OvidiuRo focuses on providing the highest quality education materials, training teachers to optimize these new resources, and helping disadvantaged communities open new kindergarten groups so that no child is turned away due to lack of space.
OvidiuRo’s “Hubs for Literacy & Quality Early Education” encourage rural kindergartens to focus on exposing 3-to-5-year-old children to new vocabulary & the world of books. In 2017 OvidiuRo trained 700 preschool teachers in child-centered and literacy development methods.
OvidiuRo’s goals for 2018 are to (1) train an additional 1000 kindergarten teachers, (2) provide them with ready-made Reading Corners and (3) give 15,000 picture books for the children to take home to share with their parents and siblings.