Povești sub lupă


Reading and Science Corners

“Povești sub Lupă” was designed in 2018, with support from Raiffeisen Bank, to build an infrastructure for literacy & science in poor rural communities. he project initially equipped 50 kindergarten classrooms with Reading & Science Corners* and created a network of 50 master teachers from disadvantaged  communities. In addition to offering a rich kindergarten experience for the children, the project engaged parents in kindergarten activities and provided 1000 children in 26 counties with their own picture books to take home.

Continuing the successful 2018 Povești sub Lupă project, in 2019 we added to the summer programme “Sotron” a science component based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). From magnifying glasses, maps, magnets, germination kits, or geometric sets to non-fiction books, both children and teachers were engaged in a large range of science-related activities and experiments, for two weeks. More than 6000 children from disadvantaged communities benefited from this program  in 2019 .

Each corner consists of a child friendly bookcase, 20 picture books, a comfortable rug for the reading sessions and many educational resources that aim to develop children’s creativity, curiosity, motor skills and logical thinking.