Public Sector


OvidiuRo’s philosophy has always been to work in tandem with:

  • Relevant government agencies in designing strategies to address endemic problems,
  • County authorities in promoting and monitoring the resulting programs, and
  • Mayors, school directors, and local mediators in the nitty-gritty details of implementing the programs on the ground.

Being maybe the most known project initiated and implemented by OvidiuRo, Fiecare Copil in Gradinita originated as a joint venture – between an NGO (OvidiuRo), local authorities and neighbourhood schools – to address the widespread phenomenon of early school abandonment that was rampant in many poor rural communities. Many authorities were aware that this was a serious problem but they had neither a long-term strategy nor the resources to tackle it. Many communities had benefited sporadically from short-term outside grants but most of these programs terminated as soon as the outside funds ran out, and therefore never lasted long enough to take root in the community or to make any measurable difference in student outcomes.

All of OvidiuRo’s programs are implemented by public school teachers and social workers as part of their ongoing responsibilities. First we identify disadvantaged communities where there is a need for an intensive intervention at preschool and primary levels and where the authorities are supportive. We then address the situation in strong cooperation with the authorities. In order for a program to be efficient, it also has to be sustainable  this is why we are looking for long term collaboration not only with the Romanian state, but also with our donors, either companies or individuals.

Our programs have deep traditional roots in partnerships with:

  • The Ministry of Education
  • The Ministry of Labor
  • Prefecturas and County Councils
  • School Inspectorates & preschool inspectors
  • Mayors and town councils
  • Public kindergarten and school teachers (a network of more than 1500 volunteer teachers)
  • Social workers & community mediators