We’ve just launched our first ever SMS campaign.

Please send an SMS to 8860 if you believe education can open the door to a better life for poor children. One SMS is only 2€ and takes about 3 seconds to send.

It’s a fact: struggling every day simply to keep the family fed and clothed, most impoverished parents don’t think much about kindergarten. As a result, Romania’s poorest children start school totally unprepared, they never catch up with their peers, and then they drop out — long before they have any marketable skills. And that results in a never-ending cycle of poverty.

OvidiuRo has proven through its Fiecare Copil in Gradinita program that poor parents DO send their kids to ‘gradinita’ when given information and a very small incentive – 50 lei per month in food coupons when their children attend every day.

Over 20 channels are showing our TV spot. So, if you need more reasons than this, listen to what Marcel Iureș and Eduard CRBL say:
Help a poor kid get ready for school SMS 8860

1 SMS = 2€
6 SMS’s = a poor kid in ‘gradinita’ for a month.
We don’t want to have to close any of our 20 programs that are getting 1.400 of Romania’s poorest children attending ‘gradinita’ on a daily basis. So we are turning to you. Please take a moment to SMS 8860 and help a poor kid go to ‘gradinita’.

Leslie Hawke         Maria Gheorghiu
President              Executive Director
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Str. Dr. Raureanu, 4, etaj 3
Bucharest 050048 ROMANIA
+4 0723 222 552 www.ovid.ro
PS Hit ‘reply’ when you’ve SMS’d — and we’ll let you know the results 🙂
PPS Please forward this to someone else who cares about the Romania our children will inherit from us.

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Campaign available on Cosmote, Orange and Vodafone. No VAT added.