OvidiuRo runs for two months each year trainings for children in kindergarten. The name of the program is Sotron 2. ProTV was in our communities from Brateiu in Sibiu and reported on our program that began in 2010. Its purpose is to accustom the children to kindergarten where they go in the fall.

“Sotron activity was very important for our community since the fall, the children were crying when they came to kindergarten and we had about a month or two to accommodate them. With this project, these children are already integrated,” said Gabriela Manciu teacher.

Sotron two runs for two months, and parents are also integrated. At the end of the program children receive the final diploma.

Oana Livadariu, OvidiuRo representative said that “Sotron 2 is not only a program to accommodate children in the kindergarten environment, which will come in autumn, but also for their parents should know that every child in the kindergarten program must be very much involved in raising children. For this it is important to know what kindergarten environment and involves coming here everyday. ”

In Sotron workshops are interactive educational methods and resources used to stimulate thinking, curiosity and pleasure to discover and help children to acquire the knowledge they need to meet the demands of formal education system. In this way, the gap that they hit the road and reduce chances of early school leaving.

For children, summer workshops Sotron is a journey that explores the environment – nature, numbers, letters – from things familiar to distant stars.