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School supplies distributed to all poor children in Sibiu County

On Children’s Day, Sibiu County Council announces the distribution of another 1200 coupons for school supplies to kindergartens across the county, an action that was part of the broader “Rechizite pentru Fiecare Copil în Grădiniță” (School-supplies for Every Child in Preschool) Campaign. The school supplies are meant to support the quality early education of children from disadvantaged […]

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Carrefour donates school supplies for 5.000 impoverished children

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Bucharest, 14 september 2015 Carrefour Romania wanted to make sure that all impoverished children in our Every Child in Preschool program and their classmates are all set for the next school year so they donated 5.000 school supplies packages for them. Thank you! Download PDF here (available in Romania).

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