Today, January 19th, 2021, the Ministry of Education and Research, Asociatia OvidiuRo and the Ministry of Culture signed a collaboration protocol intended to stimulate reading in kindergartens and in families. The program is registered under the umbrella of “Educated Romania,” which is carried out by the Presidential Administration.

Following the signing, we launched (online) the national program “Read me 100 stories!”. The program aims to stimulate reading among children, both in kindergartens and at home in their individual families. Children will have the opportunity to participate in reading workshops and to develop their attention, vocabulary, imagination and especially motivation for learning. Thus, the program directly contributes to the development of literacy and reading habits that catalyses the learning process and functional literacy, especially for children from disadvantaged and culturally isolated families.

Our goal over the coming five years is for all public kindergartens in Romania to become Kinder Libraries, and act as meaningful places for children to read and enhance their understanding of culture. To reach this status, the kindergarten’s principal and his or her team will develop and implement an annual reading plan dedicated to children with weekly reading sessions and guests to read to the children. OvidiuRo will offer teachers literacy-based training sessions focused on advanced reading techniques and how to capture their attention and stimulate their curiosity. Kindergartens will be endowed with an important fund of printed and digital books, and children will be offered books to take home as a way to encourage reading at home as well.

The above mentioned partnerships come as a natural continuation of previous joint projects dedicated to facilitating access to quality early education for children from disadvantaged communities. Our proposal is correlated with the vision developed within the “Educated Romania” campaign, with the necessary measures and actions to reduce early school dropout.

“Reducing inequalities is one of the most important challenges of education. The most effective measures are those that are taken from the first years of the child’s life. That is why it is essential to ensure quality education in nurseries and kindergartens, in close relationship with the family.

In the “Educated Romania” both equality and early education are key areas, with specific objectives and solutions. The OvidiuRo programs turns these goals into practice, instilling in children a love for reading. Congratulations to the organizers for this wonderful idea! ” – said Ligia Deca, Presidential Adviser – Department of Education and Research.

“We remove barriers to education helping preschoolers access modern ways of education, regardless of their background. Many children do not learn because of poverty, discrimination or reduced access to learning. These children leave school before acquiring the basic skills and knowledge needed to thrive in society. Such projects will bring them closer to school and will give them the essential start in life,” said Sorin Mihai Cîmpeanu, Romanian Minister of Education and Research.

We are delighted to be part of such projects that address Romania’s future. Early education is the key to an educated society if we want it to properly capitalize on its resources. Without culture we lose our identity and our values and we never really evolve. The future is built today, starting from the most important resource: children. We thank OvidiuRo for placing such an important emphasis on the potential of preschoolers and for remaining on this path of involvement,” said Bogdan Gheorghiu, Romanian Minister of Culture.

“Our long-standing grassroots experience in implementing integrated programs for vulnerable families constantly showed us the power of education to transform lives. Imagine a kindergarten in any region of Romania offering a portal to the universe of human knowledge.Imagine it having comfortable sitting spaces, the best children’s book.Imagine adults and children who decipher together the secrets of books, while understanding the world around them, from the linden tree in the yard to the starry sky. We want to make sure that every child, on their first day of school, will know at least 100 stories, thus having the necessary premises for learning to read and write and a solid foundation for success in life. We are grateful to our corporate partners who chose to support early education and thus contribute to the development of future generations of readers. We warmly invite all those who believe in the power of education to join us,” said Maria Gheorghiu, President of Asociatia OvidiuRo.

Partners: Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Culture, ALSDGC Association and Noi Orizonturi Foundation.