2011 Citizen Award competition was open to Société Générale’s branches from 85 countries. Ovidiu Rom’s “Every Child in Kidergarden” project, submitted by BRD (Société Générale’s entity in Romania) to this contest, was shortlisted in the top 15. An on-line voting took place to choose three finalists and each entity encouraged its employees to vote for the submitted project.

BRD employees casted 504 votes for Ovidiu Rom’s project, from a total of 3570 on-line votes. Following the vote, top three winners were selected and Ovidiu Rom was # 2.

Ovidiu Rom will receive its prize during an award ceremony that will take place on the 5th of July in Paris, representing a 40.000 euro financing for “Every Child in Kidergarden” project.

“I was honored to be selected by BRD to represent Romania because they take CSR very seriously and support many good charities.  I was downright thrilled to receive the award because I think it reflects a growing international awareness of the importance of early education in stemming poverty,” commented Leslie Hawke, Ovidiu Rom’s co-founder.

“Education and professional inclusion is one of the most important fields that BRD and its employees support. 2011 Citizen Award competition launched by Société Générale, gave us the opportunity to bring forward Ovidiu Rom’s “Every Child in Kidergarden” project, which is one of our major educational partnerships.

The winning formula was a valuable project, a serious team behind it and BRD employees commitment, who gave their votes to Ovidiu Rom’s project and helped it win the 40.000 euro grant, 2nd prize of the contest.” – Bianca Dordea, Brand and Communication Director BRD – Groupe Société Générale

The Citizen Award competition is part of Societe Generale’s “Citizen Commitment Week”, an awareness raising project for Societe Generale’s worldwide staff.