Hi. I’m Diana, OvidiuRo’s online content manager. My job is to let you know what’s going on in the 24 communities that have our Fiecare Copil in Gradinita program.

1.Last Thursday was my first time in the field. We arrived at the Ocolna School as the kids were filling bottles with water from the new pump which Abbott Labs paid for.

2.Before the well was drilled at the school this year, this is where the kids got water for drinking and washing their hands.

3.When we arrived, the children were painting Christmas bells.

4.Here they are getting ready to go home for the weekend. (Mayor Ion Dinu and the local council paid for their new coats.)

5.They stop for a group photo before heading home.

6.Marian doesn’t seem to want to leave.

7.Mirela, Cristi’s mother offered to be our guide through the village.

8.Looks like it’s washing day in Ocolna.

9.At the first house a little boy stares at the kids walking home from school and Mirela says he’s not enrolled in kindergarten. We ask the social worker why. She promises to investigate.

10.These two girls were home alone. Their mother is in the hospital and their father had gone out to cut wood.  Before their mom got sick they attended gradinita every day.

11.Diego Alexandru lives in a room made of chirpici (owned by a cousin) with his mother and older brother.  Their only furniture is two beds.  No bathroom, no kitchen and a small soba for heat.

12.Diego’s mother tells us that she never went to school herself but she learned how to read and write from the Abecedar when her older son was in first grade.

13.This is Diego’s second year in gradinita. His mother smiles and tells us, “he now knows how to wash his hands and he comes home and tells me poems!”

14.Florin, the boy on the left, was in our program when it started in Ocolna, in 2011. He is now in Clasa pregatitoare, his grandmother tells us proudly as she walks her six grandchildren home from school.

15.Education is the only chance these kids have of ever having a better life than their parents and grandparents.  And if they don’t start early, they are forever behind.

16.You can help a kid like Georgiana go to gradinita every day with a monthly donation.  Just 50 lei per month covers the cost of food coupons for a child in our program.  https://www.ovid.ro/direct-pentru-copii-2/dpc-prin-online-banking/