23 June 2014

“It doubled the number of children enrolled in kindergarten, their frequency, so we obtained a new space for kindergarten,” says Simona Cristea – teacher.
Along with other representatives of the association, Leslie Hawke visited several families, to see how children actually live. The findings were not at all pleasing.
“The situation is similar to what happens in Africa. Especially in the communities where we work. Certainly, in Romania, poverty is the third world,” says Leslie Hawke.
In Budila 100 children are still not benefiting from the project. Local authorities also support the education of children and hope that in future years all the three years old of the village to go to kindergarten.
OvidiuRo Foundation currently supports 300 children in Brasov County but plans to extend business. New communities that will run the program will be selected through a competitive district.
“We hope to develop a plan so that, by 2020, all poor children in Brasov County to benefit from this program,” said Maria Gheorghiu – cofounder association
In total, in Romania, the Foundation supports 1,500 children OvidiuRo, that only 2% of a total of 60,000, how would our country be eligible for this program.
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