25 June 2014

Cluj County Council is delighted with the efficiency of our program, Fiecare Copil in Gradinita.  They recently shared this article on their website, where Vakar Istvan, the Vicepresident talks about it: “We are extremely pleased that our decision to be the first county in Romania to get involved financially and logistically in the implementation of this socio-educational project proved to be more than inspired, the percentage increased the children’s kindergarten attendance. It has been truly remarkable, far beyond the most optimistic expectations. The success of this first year of implementation of the pilot project  makes us want it even moremore, which is why we intend to increase the number of communities and children who will benefit from this program in the next school year, and more specifically, if possible, doubling their number. I am convinced that this effort is more than necessary and useful, the results will appear as soon as especially on medium and long term, thus influencing the level of civilization and welfare of the entire community “