Major Investors

Over 100 companies operating in Romania have contributed to sustaining OvidiuRo since 2004. Some have transformed their initial donations into major, sustained, long-term investments in early education. We are most grateful to the following companies and their leadership for providing multi-year, multi-faceted support which resulted in the passage of Law 248/2015.

Since 2002
Funds raised by THE ALEX FUND, a 501(c)(3) US based non profit organisation, support OvidiuRo’s programs and public awareness activities. (Contributions to the Alex Fund are tax-deductible in the U.S.)
Since 2004
The HILTON HOTEL has supported OvidiuRo’s work through its in-kind contributions to OvidiuRo events, its hosting of the board meetings and teacher conferences, and Small Change, Big Difference campaigns.
Since 2005
PRO TV has played a critical role in communicating the importance of early education for the poorest Romanian children through news stories and endorsements from its stars.
Since 2007
RAIFFEISEN currently brings reading and science corners to rural kindergartens.
Since 2012
GlaxoSmithKline has funded the health component of OvidiuRo’s programs.
Since 2014
Catena has supported OvidiuRo with general operating funds.
dedeman site Since 2014
Dedeman supports teacher trainings and the parent education programs.
Since 2014
KeepCalling has actively supported early education in numerous kindergartens in Sibiu county since 2014, working directly with the teachers and the county authorities by providing educational resources and books. Sibiu was the first county in which we provided books for each preschool child in rural areas.
nn site Since 2015
BBraun has provided general operating support to OvidiuRo.
Since 2015
Deutek supports teacher trainings, and the parent education programs.
 alignleft Since 2016
Romstal has provided OvidiuRo with office space and teacher training facilities.
Since 2017
AutoKlass has provided sturdy, reliable vehicles that make it possible for the OvidiuRo team to visit rural communities throughout Romania.
Since 2019
UiPath Foundation supports Every Child Deserves a Story program, with grants and volunteers.
Since 2019
Kaufland Romania has financed OvidiuRo’s pilot program “Punguta cu 2 carti”. The program encourages poor parents to read aloud with their toddlers – ever since they are born.
Yardi supports the Every Child Deserves a Story program in Cluj county
Since 2020
Unicredit Consumer Finance supports the “Read Me 100 Stories!” project.
Since 2020
KEBA Automation supports the “Read Me 100 Stories!” project.
Since 2020
Paid Romania supports the “Read Me 100 Stories!” project.