The OvidiuRo volunteers generally get involved in fundraising efforts and with organizing events and activities – campaigns involving recruiting children, Read-Aloud sessions in kindergarten and fundraising events.

3 ways to help OvidiuRo:

  • Fundraising: 
    • Help us collect as many 2% forms and thus help promote preschool education for the poorest children. Here are the necessary forms.
    • Become part of the „Direct pentru Copii” recurrent donation promoting team. Read more here and contact us if you’d like to help.
  • Office Assistance: Maintaining an accurate contact database is crucial for OvidiuRo’s work. We welcome office volunteers, especially if you can commit to a certain number of hours per week.
  • Involvement in Field Activities: Because our programs are implemented by teachers & local teams during regular office hours volunteering with the children is not feasible in most cases. Write to us if you wanna participate in our readings in kindergarten or summer schools!

Other needs:

  • Romanian-English translations
  • Professional photography and videography
  • Research
  • Event preparation

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