The professional training sessions for the 2023 Sotron Summer Program begin!


Year after year, teachers who want to provide children with a memorable learning experience during their summer holidays participate in the Șotron Workshops, an educational module organised by the OvidiuRO Association since 2001, with a significant impact on children, teachers, and parents in disadvantaged rural and urban communities.

For the 22nd edition of the Șotron Summer Program, we have prepared three online training sessions held by OvidiuRO trainers, literacy specialists, and biodiversity experts. Participants will learn alternative methods of teaching the basic concepts included in the preschool and school education curriculum and will explore new ways to employ different learning contexts. 

Programme of sessions:

15 June, 14:00 – Șotron Kindergarten and School training session

20 June, 14:00 – Șotron Kindergarten training session

22 June, 14:00 – Șotron School training session

At the end of June and the beginning of July, volunteer teachers will participate in physical training and demonstration workshops, realised in collaboration with our friends from Finland, Sirkus & Teatteriyhdistys Aura Company, and OvidiuRO shapers. This year’s regional training centres are in Dâmbovița (26-30 June) and Iași (3-7 July) counties. 

July and August are the months dedicated to the actual organisation of the workshops, mainly in socio-economically vulnerable communities. Mixed teams of educators and teachers or librarians, mediators, specialist teachers, speech therapists, counsellors, or even students will work with groups of up to ten children for ten consecutive days, for at least three hours each day.

The areas we will explore in this year’s workshops are literacy, science, art, psychomotor, and social-emotional, based on the central theme “Who am I?.” Children will engage in all sorts of exploratory activities: games, reading, science, music, movement, and elements from Montessori pedagogy – in an integrated approach that help them develop their cognitive skills and structure their knowledge.

In 2022, with the support of Fildas – Catena Grup, around 1,000 preschool and school teachers voluntarily organised more than 350 Șotron Summer Workshops in 40 counties.

More than 3,500 children took part in the Șotron Summer Workshops in July and August, and more than 4,500 illustrated books were distributed throughout the country, as well as teaching materials such as geometric kits, rulers, graphic sets, games on eco-habits, activity sheets and hygiene kits.

Here is a short video presenting the Summer Program 2022.

It promises to be an unforgettable summer, and we look forward to seeing you at the 2023 Șotron Workshops!