3 scholarships offered by the Montessori Institute of Bucharest to educators in OvidiuRo’s programs

Based on an excellent previous collaboration with OvidiuRo, Montessori Institute of Bucharest decided to once again offer, to three preschool teachers enrolled in OvidiuRo’s programs, the chance to online participate in the AMI Assistants Certificate Course – Children’s House (3 – 6 years), which will take place August, 1-12nd.

The three preschool teachers were chosen based on their active involvement in OvidiuRo’s programs, implemented in disadvantaged communities, as well as on their interest in personal development in Montessori philosophy. The AMI certificate is internationally recognized, the courses offered by MIB being accredited by AMI Association Montessori Internationale.

Course objectives

Participants will have the opportunity to understand:
– the importance of observation in working with the child
– Montessori concepts on freedom and discipline
– how to gain the child’s trust
– the power of the child’s absorbent mind at this age
– the way in which the environment is built for it to meet the child’s needs
– the ability to allow the child to become more and more independent
– techniques for building and for optimal maintenance of the materials in the environment
– techniques for vocabulary enrichment

This way, OvidiuRo continues its series of interventions dedicated to preschool and primary teachers, for increasing their teaching skills and for offering children living in disadvantaged communities the chance to access quality early education. Six volunteer preschool teachers enrolled in OvidiuRo’s programs already benefitted from these scholarships to date, already applying Montessori concepts to the classes they teach to and also sharing best practices and knowledge to their colleagues.

More details on the training can be found here.

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