A Story for Every Child Caravan has started! Thousands of preschoolers in poor communities and their parents will attend reading aloud sessions in kindergartens

Starting February, 2018, Asociatia OvidiuRo is implementing A Story for Every Child Caravan, which aims to (1) raise the quality of literacy development activities in the most disadvantaged kindergartens, and, also (2) train preschool teachers for 2018 Sotron 2 educational module. The project is going to be implemented during this school semester, in partnership with County School Inspectorates, and will reach the counties with the largest number of disadvantaged communities, at national level. By the end of March, the Caravan has already reached Covasna, Brasov, Dolj, Prahova, Vrancea, and Iasi County.

How it works:
For a week, hundreds of children age 3 – 6 in the poorest communities in one county – both those who already attend gradinita and those who are not registered yet, but will be attending gradinita starting September – take part, together with their parents, in reading aloud sessions. Every reading aloud activity is followed by a literacy workshop for teachers. At the end of the week, OvidiuRo organizes a forming session on how to implement Sotron 2 educational module, targeting preschool teachers in poor communities.

Every child participating in the reading aloud sessions get a picture book to take home, while all the teachers participating in OvR activities receive an educational kit to use in class, consisting in small and big picture books, educational materials, posters and worksheets. Also, all the teachers attending the weekly forming sessions will get Sotron 2 kit.

A Story for Every Child continues Eating Up the Alphabet Caravan, implemented by OvidiuRo during 2016 – 2017 school year at national level, with Carrefour Foundation support.

For more information: Larisa Dumitru, 0728 778 821, larisa.dumitru@ovid.ro.

About Asociația OvidiuRo

The effectiveness of OvidiuRo’s Fiecare Copil în Grădiniţă pilot project led the Romanian Parliament to finance its parent incentive component throughout Romania in February 2016.
As the Agency for Early Education, OvidiuRo mobilizes public and private resources to improve the quality of early education available to Romania’s poorest children. OvidiuRo focuses on providing the highest quality education materials, training teachers to optimize these new resources, and helping disadvantaged communities open new kindergarten groups so that no child is turned away due to lack of space.
OvidiuRo’s “Hubs for Literacy & Quality Early Education” encourage rural kindergartens to focus on exposing 3-to-5-year-old children to new vocabulary & the world of books. In 2017 OvidiuRo trained 700 preschool teachers in child-centered and literacy development methods.
OvidiuRo’s goals for 2018 are to (1) train an additional 1000 kindergarten teachers, (2) provide them with ready-made Reading Corners and (3) give 15,000 picture books for the children to take home to share with their parents and siblings.

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