20 grants for new kindergarten groups in poor communities

taking root in the commmunity

Local teams in poor communities can apply until July 1st for one of the 20, 2500 Eur worth, grants made available by OvidiuRo for the creation of new kindergarten groups for the 2017-2018 school-year.

The Hai la grădiniță! grants are open exclusively to disadvantaged communities. OvidiuRo launched the invitation to apply to over 400 such communities: the ones covered by the 2016 Recruitment Summer Caravan and the 2016-2017 year-long Read-Aloud Caravan, as well as all marginalized communities in counties with the highest number of the Preschool Law estimated beneficiaries: Iași and Vaslui (the selection criteria being the schools’ educational risk and the marginalization rate of the locality).

50,000 Euro are thus made available to 20 schools who prove the registration of a minimum of 15 preschoolers and who use the money to enable this: e.g. classroom renovation, furnishing, covering transportation or the teacher’s salary for a short period of time.

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