Șotron Schools 2017

summer schoolStart for the 2017 Șotron Two Schools!

Șotron Two is addressing children aged two or older, who – for some reasons – have not yet been registered in preschool. May-June is the timeframe we advise teachers to use for organizing weekly training sessions for both children and parents who have not yet become familiar with the kindergarten and the structured learning environment there. This year’s training sessions for teachers shall take place, at regional level, according to the following schedule:

  • Iași – March 30
  • Buzău – March 31
  • Craiova – April 4
  • Alba-Iulia – April 6
  • Brașov – April 7
  • București – April 11
  • Miercurea Ciuc – April 27

More info available on the Romanian version of the website, by accessing this link.

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