Catalin Maruță joins OvidiuRo’s mission of bringing Every Child to Preschool!


“I believe that having a good start in life really makes a difference in you achieving your potential. All children must be treated with care and respect and offered the chance to find out what they like and what they’re good at.

As a father, I want the best for my children and I am sure that all parents feel the same way. OvidiuRo’s program, Every Child in Preschool, has really impressed me and now I am 100% convinced that it offers an in depth solution that has long term impact and results. Through my job, I often see impoverished families that are forced to give up on their children’s education and kids that can’t even imagine how important education is for their future. It’s a truly vicious circle that I believe OvidiuRo has the power to break.” Catalin Maruta

Catalina Maruta is actively promoting the importance of early education on his ProTV show, this fall. In August, Maruta visited one FCG community and plans to meet the children and families in other communities, in September and October. The father of 2 young children, he is passionate about the importance of early education, especially for poor children.

Find out more about the families from Dragaesti Pamanteni (Dambovita County) and the Every Child in Preschool program in the community, starting min. 1:21.

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