Pro TV: Thanks to”OvidiuRo” thousands of children are now attending kindergarten

23 June 2014

Beni loves attending kindergarten. He has 9 brothers back home but he is the only one that his mother bring to kindergarten. Ovidiu Ro offers her 50 de lei(12$) per month in food coupons and with this money she can buy food for her kids.

In the past 4 years, 1.500 children from 13 counties have been helped to progress by OvidiuRo.

Leslie Hawke, OvidiuRo cofounder: “These kids are just like my grandchildren, only my grandchildren have all sorts of opportunities and these kids don’t. It just breaks my heart to see people who have potential and can’t use it. I want these kids to do as much and to have as much in their livesas they can.”

“They are part of the future of our country. As long as we don’t pay attention to them and don’t educate them, the problems will only get more complicated” says Ariana Bucur, general school inspectorate of Brasov county.

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