Guess who made the CBS News and Daily Mail online?

September 25, 2013


Please see the links below for photos taken when Nadia Gavrila (above), Maria Gheorghiu and I were in Ponorata (Maramures) two weeks ago. The Berlin-based Getty Images photographer, Sean Gallup, had asked us to show him a Roma community from which people are migrating to Western Europe. Ponorata is truly the saddest place I have encountered in Romania. It’s easy to see how a person would find more hope living on the street in Lille, France than in a house here. (If you wonder why everyone is so dirty, well, there are two water pumps for 400 people – and one of them doesn’t work.)

We are deeply grateful to all of you whose support has helped us develop programs that attract international attention to our efforts to educate the very poorest children in Romania.

Best regards,

Leslie and Maria

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