Major Investors

It was the Romanian corporate sector that enabled FCG to grow from 13 communities in 2010 to 45 communities in 2015. Over 50 companies operating in Romania have contributed to sustaining OvidiuRo since 2004. Some have transformed their initial donations into major, sustained, long-term investments in early education. We are most grateful to the following companies and their leadership for providing multi-year, multi-faceted support which resulted in the passage of Law 248/2015.

Since 2002
Funds raised by THE ALEX FUND, a 501(c)(3) US based non profit organisation support educational programs in Romania. Contributions to the Alex Fund are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Since 2004
The HILTON HOTEL has supported OvR’s work for 14 years through its in-kind contributions to OvidiuRo events, its hosting of OvR board meetings and teacher conferences, and Small Change, Big Difference campaigns.

Since 2005
PRO TV has played a critical role in communicating the importance of early education for the poorest Romanian children. FCG’s constant featuring in the news programs have increased the pilot program’s visibility, told the stories of hundreds of supported children and parents and helped counteract common stereotypes, such as the erroneous idea that poor Roma parents do not want to educate their children.

Since 2006
Carrefour provides financial support & donates products for FCG beneficiaries & events and in 2015, Carrefour provided school supplies for all 5000 kindergarten children. CARREFOUR & OvR’s long-term, multi-faceted partnership won First Prize at the 2012 Gala Societatii Civile. Up to 2016, a total of € 195,000 in cash, products and vouchers was granted to OvR by Carrefour.

Since 2007
RAIFFEISEN added to its long-term sponsorship of FCG a volunteer program for its employees in 2014. See video by Tom Wilson. In september 2015, the volunteer program was expanded into the Teacher for a Day Project. Up to present, Raiffeisen contributed € 296,000 to FCG implementation in Brasov and Covasna counties.

Since 2012
To date, CARREFOUR Foundation has granted a total of € 764,000 to the FCG program and OvR’s activity.


Since 2012
GlaxoSmithKline funded the addition of the health component to Pilot FCG as of 2012. The € 150,000 three-year-grant was extended to 2018.


Since 2014
AEF (Romstal, AutoKlass, has been supporting 140 children in the pilot FCG in Rosia (Sibiu) to attend gradinita each day. AEF’s contribution amounts to  € 73,000 plus in kind donations.


Since 2014
Catena has been a long time supporter of OvR programs and in 2014 became a Major Investor in the pilot Fiecare Copil in Gradinita program and its expansion, with contributions totaling € 206,000.


dedeman siteSince 2014
Dedeman has supported OvidiuRo since the beginning in Bacau. In 2014 they became Major Investors and contributed € 155,000 to the FCG program and its expansion.

Since 2015
NN  has been a major investor since 2015, through supporting 260 de children in Dolj (Amărăștii de Jos, Calopăr și Valea Stanciului) to attend gradinita each day. The company’s overall contribution throughout the years amounts to € 80,000.

nn site
Since 2015
BBraun is supporting the national expansion of the program with a total of € 42,200 donated so far to OvR’s cause.

Since 2016
OvidiuRo became the beneficiary of the „Împreună cu tine, Profi salvează destine“ campaign. The company’s support for the national FCG program was € 57,000.