Șotron Schools 2017

The 2017 Summer Schools in poor communities

230 Șotron Summer Schools, organized by almost 600 volunteering preschool teachers and benefitting over 3500 children in poor communities, from 33 counties. In total, 14,000 illustration books reached the children who attend the Summer Schools this year.

The 2017 Summer Schools were preceded by 8 regional training sessions organized by OvidiuRo in June for supporting preschool teachers facing the challenges of teaching in marginalized area of Romania:

  • Focșani (VN) – June 19
  • Iași (IS) – June 20
  • Bălan (HR) – June 21
  • Bistrița (BN) – June, 22
  • Sibiu (SB) – June 23
  • Vulcan (HD) – June 27
  • Craiova (DJ) – June 28
  • Potlogi (DB) June 29

Each one-day interactive workshop was led by a dynamic quartet of veteran educators: Betsy Grob, coauthor of: Learner-Centered Classrooms for the 21st Century; Brandi Bates, developer of the “Reading Together Romania” campaign which promotes reading to children from an early age; Andreia Petcu, a Bucharest-based specialist in non-formal educational methods, and OvidiuRo cofounder Maria Gheorghiu. The workshops will be conducted in Romanian.

The training sessions’ focus were child centered teaching methods, promoting literacy through early Reading-Aloud activities, and teaching science through thematic activities. The goal is to equip teachers working with children from disadvantaged environments with a set of best teaching practices, and a generous supply of educational resources to enrich their classrooms in the fall.

ENG training session map

For more details on past years’ Summer Schools, including feedback from participating teachers and children, here.

summer schoolThe 2017 Șotron Two Schools!

Șotron Two is addressing children aged two or older, who – for some reasons – have not yet been registered in preschool. May-June is the timeframe we advise teachers to use for organizing weekly training sessions for both children and parents who have not yet become familiar with the kindergarten and the structured learning environment there. This year’s training sessions for teachers shall take place, at regional level, according to the following schedule:

  • Iași – March 30
  • Buzău – March 31
  • Craiova – April 4
  • Alba-Iulia – April 6
  • Brașov – April 7
  • București – April 11
  • Miercurea Ciuc – April 27
  • Vulcan – May 9
  • Galați – May 22

More info available on the Romanian version of the website, by accessing this link.