Auto-monthly giving

Two online steps for a poor child to make the first step to better life, and a better society for all.

Transform your giving from simple “charity” to a results-oriented investment in Romania’s children.

Direct pentru Copii only takes 3 minutes to set up and it helps a child go to kindergarten for the school year, by automatically donating a small amount from your bank account each month.

If you have questions, please contact us directly:; or call (+4) 0742 887 544.

Choose how much would you like to invest in the early education of poor children

Monthly contribution

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You can also set up a recurrent payment from your online banking account. Click here for instructions.

2. Online Banking

How do I do it?

    • Log in to your online banking account
    • Select Online Recurrent Payment, Standing Order, Scheduled Transfer etc. (Your bank may have a different name for its recurrent payment service). Specific info for 21 banks here.
    • Insert amount, period (e.g. 12 months), and frequency (monthly).
    • Insert beneficiary details (below):
Beneficiary name: Asociatia OvidiuRo
Fiscal Code: 16405035
For donations in RON:
For donations in foreign currencies: (SWIFT: RZBRROBU):
EUR – RO86RZBR0000060007140082
USD – RO64RZBR0000060007140090

Terms & Conditions for Credit Card Payments


Donor’s personal data will be used by Asociatia OvidiuRo only for the stated purpose. The information in the payment form will be used to send the confirmation of the donation and to inform the donor on our progress.

You can stop the recurring donation at any time by sending a message requesting to do so to

Personal information

Once a donor decides to set up a recurring payment through “Direct pentru Copii”, agrees that his/her personal data is being stored. The personal card information will not be stored by OvidiuRo, nor by PayU, but by the authorized transaction institution, Romcard.

In the last 9 years PayU has processed over 10 million online transactions. The payment through PayU only takes 2 minutes and it can be done at your computer.

Contact National Authority for Consumer Protection


Why a recurrent contribution?

Every parent knows that consistency is essential in raising children. It’s also essential when addressing social problems. OvidiuRo’s monthly support for the 2200 children in the Fiecare Copil in Gradinita program has led to a huge increase in their preschool attendance. We also need consistent support to continue our programs. And Direct pentru Copii makes it so easy! We will inform you twice a year on our progress.

How much each month?

It’s your call. 50 lei (€12) is equal to food coupons for one child for a month. With a 110 lei (€25) monthly donation, a child benefits of food coupons, school supplies, teacher training, summer programs, consultancy, monitoring and evaluation. 155 lei (€35) offers, on top of all the above, the possibility of running public awareness and fundraising campaigns.

How will I know what my money is accomplishing?

OvdiuRo will send you by email quarterly accounts of our results and our Annual Report. Will I get a photo of the child I help? We will gladly provide information on the school and community your donation is helping but the identity of individual children is confidential.

How do I start?

Log in to your online banking account and follow instructions for Online Recurrent Payment, or “Recurrent Transfer”, “Standing Order”, etc.) You can then set the amount and select the period (e.g. 12 months) and the frequency (monthly). For step-by-step instructions for 21 banks, as well as our bank details, click here.

What if I still can’t figure out how to do it?

Write to us at or call 0742 887 544 and we’ll walk you through it!

What else should I know?

There is no monthly minimum (but we encourage you to give at least 50 lei – the monthly amount of food coupons we give to poor parents who bring their child every day.) Once set up, your bank will automatically debit your account each month on the date you choose. You can change the period and amount in your online banking account or by contacting your bank.

Can I cancel?

Yes, at any time. Simply log in to your online banking account or contact your bank directly.

Can I get a sponsorship contract?

Yes. You can download a standard Contract de Sponsorizare by clicking here. Print it out, fill it in with your details and send to: Asociatia OvidiuRo, Romstal Sediul Central, Șoseaua Vitan-Bârzești 11A, 042122, Bucuresti. We will return a signed, stamped copy to you.

What if my bank’s online banking service does not have a recurring payment option?

Ask the bank for a Direct Debit agreement. You will need to sign a contract authorizing the bank to debit your account automatically each month.