2016 Summer Caravan powered by Carrefour

Thanks to a grant from Carrefour Foundation, OvidiuRo was able to reach some of the poorest communities in the country, providing educational enrichment for rural children, informing poor parents about the Fiecare Copil in Gradinita national program and the importance of early education, and meeting with the local teams and county authorities. The team:

  • Went door-to-door with the local social workers and invited children and parents to the kindergarten for a “Read Aloud” session.
  • Held Interactive Read-Aloud Sessions in kindergarten: preschoolers – registered or not – were invited with their parents to attend. OvidiuRo team read from “Big Books” and engaged children in discussions about the stories. 
  • Gave each child ‘The first book to take home’La Gradinita (In Kindergarten). The teachers and OvR team wrote each child’s name on the 1st
  • Promoted healthy eating among poor children and their parents (and teachers, as well) giving a banana to each child attending the reading sessions and encouraging them to dispose of the peal in a trashcan, rather than on the ground.
  • Informed parents of the importance of kindergarten, providing more details about Law 248/2015 and encouraging them to register their kids for kindergarten and apply for the national FCG program.
  • Donated big books and educational materials to each kindergarten.
  • Met with the local team – mayor, school principal and other members of the local implementation team to review procedures and discuss potential problems in their community. 
  • reported to the county authorities on the week’s findings each Friday. 

Fiecare Copil in Grădiniță Summer Caravan

Spreading the news

Each week, OvidiuRo issued a press release to county media announcing the project and mentioning Carrefour Foundation’s support.


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TVR Iasi, 9 August 2016 – News about the Iasi Caravan and the FCG program.

‘We have 24 children registered for the next school year, while another 35 cannot be registered because we don’t have enough space, for a second classroom. And I am very sorry for that, because at 5 years old, when we can register them, it’s a little bit too late – a year is not enough for them to catch up what they should have learned in three.’ Iasi kindergarten teacher (link HERE). 

EuroTVR Bacau, 4 August, 2016

‘Did you see how many parents came here today and brought their papers? They want their kids to be in preschool! And once they go through preschool, they are better able to handle the work in the first grade’. Leslie Hawke, Cofounder OvidiuRo (link HERE).