2% of Income Tax

Romanian income tax payers have the option of directing 2% of their income tax to an NGO. This allows YOU to decide how part of your taxes will be used. The 2% you direct to OvidiuRo helps children coming from impoverished families go to preschool.

The procedure is simple:

1. Fill in the 230 form (or 200 if you have other sources of income besides salary) – you don’t need to write the amount; the staff from Financial Administration will do it for you.

Download form 230 if salary was your only source of income in the previous year

Download form 200 if you had other sources of income besides salary

2. Make sure the form arrives by MAY 25 at your local Financial Administration.

If you have questions, please contact us directly: oana.tomozei@ovid.ro; or call (+4) 0742 887 544.